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UNIMAT MAX CUP II Electric Penis Pump

UNIMAT MAX CUP II Electric Penis Pump

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UNIMAT MAX CUP II Electric Penis Pump 
1、Inspiratory negative pressure expansion
2、Electric male penis vacuum exerciser
3、Transparent masturbation cup
4、Soft silicone, waterproof life
5、Fully wrapped feeling, all angles, penis masturbation, inhalation, negative pressure expansion and contraction

How to use ?
1、Lubricate the inner wall of the cylinder and yourself.
2、Insert your penis into the cylinder. The cylinder should remain firmly pressed against the base of your penis to keep air from escaping.
3、Slowly begin to work the pump. There will be a slight sensation as air is drawn from the cylinder. For beginners, it is important to start this process slowly to avoid discomfort. Remember to press the safety release valve if the vacuum becomes painful.
4、Continue pumping/releasing air until you've found a level of vacuum suitable for you: the penis should look swollen, but should not hurt.
 5、Now make sure no air escapes (unless needed) and wait 20 minutes. You may need to pump further during this time to keep an appropriate amount of vacuum in the cylinder.
6、Once the session is complete, you should appear thicker/longer and have heightened sensitivity. These results are effective for 24 hours, but you may experience permanent results through long-term use. We recommend 3-4 sessions per week.


Name: Masturbation Cup erection aid
Color: black upgraded version
Material: ABS and TPE Case
Size: L 310* Φ 73mm
Power type: USB charging

Packing list:
1. erection aid masturbation cup
2. charging cable
3. manual

Long press the button about 2 seconds to turn on/off  
Short press the button to pause
Air Release Valve:
Press the button to release pressure
Pressure Reduce:
Press the button to reduce the suction levels
Pressure Increase:
Press the button to increase the suction levels
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