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TENGA Flip Zero Electronic Vibration Male Masturbation Cup

TENGA Flip Zero Electronic Vibration Male Masturbation Cup

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Flip Zero fans, you won't want to miss this!

Rumbling vibrations from within the elastomer sleeve bring a sensation from another world to your hands. This is made possible with yet another TENGA-engineered first! Enjoy the most dynamic rumbling stimulation available with internal details refined to match the intense sensations of the firmer material and the dual vibration cores stimulation!

Product Information

  • Reusable Vibration Modes: 5 Modes - Low/High/Pulse/Alternating/Random
  • Two vibrating motors are housed inside the elastomer for direct rumbling sensation
  • Repeating edges stimulate while hugging from both sides
  • Strong vibrations from the tip provide rumbling sensation with each stroke
  • Emits pulsating sensations from the centre of the item
  • Thick elastic disks rumble across upon insertion
  • A flip-open design means easy drying with the option to simultaneously charge whilst drying
  • Slide arms act as a drying stand
  • Clear case for storage ensures hygiene
  • Running Time: Approx. 40 min
  • Charging Time: Approx. 90 min
  • USB Rechargeable
  • This product includes a USB cable and does not include an AC adapter.
  • Waterproof up to 50mm
  • Charging Base not Waterproof
  • Sample Lubricant Included
How to use:
Before Use,Lubricate the interior of the FLIP ZERO.Close and lock into place with Slide Arms and lubricate insertion point.
After insertion, you can squeeze the Pressure Pads at any point to provide focused stimulation and create an internal vacuum.

 Code No Style-1 Manual
 Size 70×80×180mm/(D)x(W)×(H)
 Packaged Size77×92213mm/(D)(W)×(H)

 Code No.  Style-2 Electric
 Size 70×80×108m/(D)メ(W)×(H)
 Packaged Size108X121×206m/(D)(W)×(H)
 Running Time Approx 40min
 Charging Time Approx 90min
 Vibration Modes 5 Modes-low/High/Pulse/Alternating/Random Single-button controls. Press & Hold to turn ON /OFF. Press button to cycle modes. Product Body and Slide Arms are waterproof. Charging Base is NOT waterproof.
 Included Parts Product Body, Slide Arms, Clear Case, Charging  Base, USB Cable, two pouches User Manual.
Product Elastomer/PP/Li-ion Battery/ABS/Silicone
Charging Base ABS/Silicone

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