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Leten AV Star big Butt Dual male masturbator

Leten AV Star big Butt Dual male masturbator

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Buying a sex toy used to involve being confronted by seedy, male-centric websites with in-your-face, pornographic images and packaging.

We truly believe everyone should love you first before fall in love with others. Also we want to teach people how to love and to be safe during sex. Making customers happy is what makes us smile.


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Size Chart

Leten AV Star big Butt Dual male masturbator
Yui Hatano is a well-known porn star in Japanese AV industry, and his films are popular with otaku. The original reverse model jointly launched by LETEN and Yui Hatano can satisfy the fantasies of many otaku, strong motor power, and feel the love like real people in Yui Hatano.


Not every masturbation products have this product quality,
1. Bottom mold,Copying buttocks,Voice interaction,True skin sensation,Giant vibrating motor,Actress interaction,10 frequency swing;
2. Copy the vaginal buttocks completely,Copy ratio: 1:0.8,When you insert is sucked,Tighter than vaginal contractions;
3. Giant motor vibration: the left motor 130 note,Right 360,Sway strongly,Such as electric buttocks pinch like pleasure;
4.10 kinds of pulse frequency,Sucking type before and after creep,The wave absorbing clamp on both sides;
5. AV actress moans and interacts, interactive scene,When you insert it moan,Very exciting.
6. Remote control operation,Whole body waterproof with double eggs,Mute design,USB interface,75cm line;
7. Big vibration double jump egg Remote controller

Product introduction

Brand: Leten
Name: big ass
Size: 225*125*60mm 
Material: TPE
Characteristic Interaction Weight: 2.5KG 
Shock: Double motor 
Frequency: 5 vibration 10 frequency

 Tips :  

          1. please smear some lubricant on your product when you use it to improve sex pleasure.
          2.Because different production batches and testing methods,Please allow slight deviation for the color and measurement, thanks!
          3. To keep your health ,Please wash it before and after you use it special detergent and disinfectant.
          4. Store in a cool,dry place,out of reach of children.
          5. Contact Seller, cliick me any time for any questions. Reply timely

1. Take out the vibrator from the package.
2. Check to see if the battery is full.
3. Clean it before the first time to use. 
4. Put a few lubricant on the vibrator.
5. Adjusting the shaking mode and frequency.
6. Put the vibrator to the vagina or anal or nipple or clitoris until the user get the orgasm. 
7. Take the vibrator and clean it.
8. Use the towel or drying machine to dry the vibrator.
9.  put it in a dry place to avoid the sunshine. 
note:there is a little gap in the head and body.
This product uses a high-frequency motor. The vibration is transmitted to the vibrating head through the transmission shaft. The vibrating head adopts a split design. It is used for vibration during the transmission process, and has a reasonable swing gap to achieve high-speed head shaking. Therefore, it can bring a orgasm sensation to sensitive parts when used. If it is made in one piece, the drive shaft has no active clearance, and the head shake cannot be achieved.

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