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Jeusn Prostatic Orgasm Massager

Jeusn Prostatic Orgasm Massager

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Size Chart

This is a manual version of the prostate massager, which includes a handle and three replaceable massage sticks. The three massage sticks are designed according to the independently controlled prostate orgasm mode in three different orders, and the next order is more advanced than the previous order, which is progressive layer by layer. First-order entry:U-shaped digging gameplay. After inserting about 6cm, keep the position and pry up and down to press the prostate. Second-order progress:Simulate penis movements. Manually pull back and forth,friction to stimulate the prostate. The third-order master:the action of pulling up. After inserting about 6cm, Pull upwards forcefully to stimulate the prostate.

Accurate size head design

 Inserted into the anus for about 6cm, the 3-6cm part of the head can cover the whole prostate. The head is slightly bent, so you can cling to the prostate without looking for it.

 Ring antiskid handle
 Manual operation is more convenient, and the internal hard support is easier to pry into the prostate.

 Detachable massage stick head
 Insert it into the buckle, rotate it clockwise to complete the installation, and rotate it counterclockwise to pull it up to complete the disassembly. Pay attention to the direction of the massage stick head to be consistent with logo.

 Soft silicone outer layer+ABS inner layer
 Skin-friendly material, reaching the prostate will not hurt, and it is more comfortable than a metal massage stick.

 Life waterproof
 Clean directly in water, simple and convenient, dry and store directly.


 Brand: jeusn
 Material: silicone+ABS
 Color: black
 Size: handle 74*49.6*29.3mm
 First-order massage stick 134*64.6*28mm
 Second-order massage stick 145*63.6*28.5mm
 Third-order massage stick 147.2*112.6*28mm

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