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Happy Beating Smart Handled Automtic Masturbator

Happy Beating Smart Handled Automtic Masturbator

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About Lovemesex

Buying a sex toy used to involve being confronted by seedy, male-centric websites with in-your-face, pornographic images and packaging.

We truly believe everyone should love you first before fall in love with others. Also we want to teach people how to love and to be safe during sex. Making customers happy is what makes us smile.


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Product Warranty

All Electric Toys Offer 1 year Product Warranty Service. Free Exchange.


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Size Chart

Without love, sex is merely an elaborate kind of masturbation. A regular man cannot see the depth of loving his sex toy. Therefore, there is no longer any need to live in fiction because the masturbator controls Reality.
This new gizmo is really awesome. Smart mobile sex device
Developed specifically for penises. Once you get dependent on manual work. It will get worse thanks to this fun gizmo. You are unable to remove your hands from your dick if you are a hard player. Considering how advanced this smart device was.
The product's main purpose was to exercise the endurance of the penis to make it bigger and stronger... The software responds to key pressure when you are jerking off. That sensation was fantastic. Believe me.
If you gaze within. Extra-long, tender flesh that is 3.3 inches long is visible. Don't you think it sounds like science fiction? Oh, yeah. This lengthens the inner liner and will provide you with the best wrapping sensation possible.
The finest part of this is right here. It was created with the aid of medical technologies. The user is provided with an immersive experience thanks to its adaptable software.
Always put your safety first. Whether or whether it is during intercourse. Using the Smart handheld masturbator while charging is safer and more effective than the four-column magnetic charging.
This useful tool is incredibly adaptable. The 5-inch handle is quite comfortable to hold.
Battery concerns are unwarranted. It already has a 1500mah battery capacity. The device may be charged in 2.5 hours.
The gadget has the highest level of waterproofing and is definitely worth a try.

Hey dude. Overanalysing also damages your happiness.
Simply give this smart handheld masturbator a try. 

Material: ABS+TPE
Charging Type: USB Magnetic Charging
Noise: less than 50db
Usage Time: 90 minute
Working Mode: Three gears fixed mode, pressure sensing mode

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