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Erocome Antlia Full-automatic pinch sucking vibration masturbation cup

Erocome Antlia Full-automatic pinch sucking vibration masturbation cup

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Erocome Antlia Full-automatic pinch sucking vibration masturbation cup

Antlia is a masturbation cup that sucks, squeezes and breathes, subverts the traditional pleasure and enjoys the real love experience. Sensitive penis is sucked by waves, and its vein swells. Once sucked and loosened, a strong sense of stimulation reaches the brain, which makes you suffocate and get an electric shock, thus enjoying a different stimulating pleasure. Colleagues who tightly wrap their penises, the strong pulse vibration brings vivid oral agitation feeling, just like a real person is having oral sex. Masturbation cup's head and oral cavity are automatically sucked and compressed, which can be skillfully adapted to different sizes, regardless of the size of penis. Not only can you masturbate, but you can also use it for exercise, and a variety of games are waiting for you to discover...
  • The inner oral texture wraps the penis layer by layer, giving you a real deep throat oral sex experience
  • 6-frequency sucking, 10-frequency vibrating, 1-frequency manually controlled sucking mode, multiple enjoyment modes, all you want.
  • The whole fuselage is waterproof and can be cleaned without disassembly, which is convenient and practical, and can also be played underwater
  • Silent design protects personal privacy, and the maximum sound is less than 50db
Three different ways of playing are suggested:
  1. Rotating the masturbation cup 360, the process is like drilling wood for fire
  2. Fill the masturbation cup with water, and the penis will come in and out quickly, and the water will overflow
  3. Pour ice water into the masturbation cup first, let the penis enjoy the stimulation of ice first, and then change to warm water to enjoy warm sucking, alternating cold and warm, and experience the passion of "ice and fire"
Charging mode;USB Magnetic charging
Charging time:2 hour
Using time:60 minute
Noise:less than 50db
Frequency:10 vibration*6 sucking*1manually control sucking

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