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Leten Telescopic gun god male masturbation cup

Leten Telescopic gun god male masturbation cup

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Leten Telescopic gun god male masturbation cup

What kind of unique skills can you become a cannon god? The whole vagina is full of heat flow, with a real body temperature of 39, which makes you hot and touching every night. When it is turned on, it will automatically and rapidly heat to 39, which is in line with the optimal temperature for human body to adapt and prevent overheating and burning. Tracking the recording of Hatano Yoshiki in the whole process, 30 kinds of scenes were completed with high quality, showing professionalism and temptation, almost thinking that they were shooting unspeakable small movies, haha!


1.Intelligent constant temperature.39 ° intelligent temperature control, to prevent overheating burns skin.360-degree surround thermostat simulates vaginal temperature
2.Fully automatic expansion and contraction 380 times/minute, fast and slow alternating, take turns to play, such as beautiful buttock crazy impact, each expansion, pleasure is difficult to control
3.5 speeds + 5 frequencies, 10 style of  pleasure;
4.Stretching distance of 4CM, deep inhalation, long roll out, enjoy the double pleasure of visual impact and stretching
5.370 piston motor, strong power, compact transmission gear, smooth track design
6.Real voice, 30 kinds of voice, takizawa field recording
7.The Japanese AV star Yui Hatano original sex moaning, 360° surround heating, TPE material great elastic;

Product parameter

Brand: Leten
Features: telescopic
Vibration: 3 gear
Material: TPE ABS
Vibration frequency: 7
Charging: magnetic charging
Buttons: 5 buttons
Noise: less than 60db

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