4 positions that can bring women to orgasm quickly | LOVEMESEX

4 positions that can bring women to orgasm quickly | LOVEMESEX

Female top position

The female top position is used in sexual activity second only to the male top position in a sexual position. In sex, women use the upper sex position that is commonly known as "sailing". The man lies on his back on the bed, the woman makes her penis erect and then inserts it into the vagina as if she were on a horse. However, it is important to note that if the woman is not sufficiently moistened, it will not only cause pain for both parties, but also some damage to the sex organ. Although the woman's vagina is more or less moist, the man's glans is not automatically moist, so the woman must take this into consideration.

Side position

The lateral position is quite relaxed and intimate. It allows for extensive body contact and facilitates kissing and conversation without the "up and down" problems of the missionary position. It is a good solution when loading another person's weight becomes a problem. You may need to practice adjusting the angle of your hips or spreading your legs for penetration; it doesn't provide as much clitoral stimulation, but you can use your hands to assist. Of all the positions, it is the only one that makes it easy to sleep together afterwards.

Horseback Riding Position

Because it is a position where the woman is on top during sexual activity, the depth of penis penetration will vary with the angle of the woman's sitting posture, and the penetration is deeper when the woman is upright, while the man can also enjoy the woman's breasts and caress the erogenous zones of the woman's body. And if women are excited to jump up and down and use the time to caress the male penis, there will be quite pleasurable sexual behavior.

Sitting position

The reason is "her breasts are on my chest, it feels very exciting", "her panting is right next to my ear, it sounds very exciting" and so on. In addition, the position of the woman on her back, and the ability to adjust the rhythm of entry and exit, etc., are all attractive places.

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